There are thousands of talented artists in the world, but only a handful will ever have their work read or viewed by more than a few hundred people. Their creations will sit in a closet or a hard drive or some abandoned studio apartment to decay and be forgotten.

At GHOST PRESS, we believe the artistic output of these gifted men and women is valuable and should be given the opportunity to flourish. Today, through the abundance of social networks, people now have the ability to engage with millions at the click of a button. While this may seem like a rather disingenuous way to communicate, at GHOST PRESS we want to leverage this unique ability to empower an entire generation of artists.

GHOST PRESS artists do not compromise their artistic integrity. They are not subject to massive financial barriers. They need only be themselves—creators.

We go beyond classical publishing services. GHOST PRESS is social publishing. We offer artists a platform to display their work as well as tools to create a strong bond with his or her audience. The dialogue between creator and supporter is one of the propellants that powers what we do. Ultimately, this is what will fuel our success.




GHOST PRESS has a vision. Driven forward by their creativity, an artistic community will sprout from nothing. Our artists will appear in traditional and online bookstores. They will hold public exhibitions that act as occasions for face-to-face engagement with supporters. What will have begun as a small stream of like-minded dreamers will converge into a torrent of creativity that will change the way books are published.

    This is GHOST PRESS. This is Social Publishing.
Join us.

    Connecting the artist with the audience.


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Social Publishing

Connecting the artist with the audience